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Adopt the Attitude of an Athlete

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Adopt the Attitude of an Athlete

Going to Xtremes – Adopt the Attitude of an Athlete

We can’t all be Rico Verhoeven or Anissa Meksen – the top men’s and women’s kickboxers in the world today. To even attempt that level would mean two to three training sessions a day, two to three hours each and four to six times a week. To start with. Most of us don’t have the time to commit to such a regimen, with work and family and jobs and everything else. But there’s no reason why any of us can’t learn from the greats, adopt the attitude of a champion athlete and kick our training into high gear for 2022. What’s on that checklist of tips and tricks to train better? Read on.


Commit to the dream

All champion athletes are dreamers. They have the vision to see themselves lifting a belt in the ring, crossing the finishing line first and making the Olympic podium. Okay so we’re not all trying to get to Paris for the 2024 games, but if you have a goal to get to your fighting weight, to train to your best ability or whatever it might be, you have to commit. By all means, set goals, but then take the extra step to plan what you are going to do and act on it. Don’t let the pressures of work, a busy schedule or anything else deter you from your plan. Make a list of classes you want to take, opportunities to cross train and build strength and nutritious meal plans to fuel your workouts.


Learn from the Best

While athletes share an incredible self-confidence and a belief in their abilities, another trait is a humbleness and a willingness to learn from anyone and everything. So internalize this too. Really listen to your trainer and class instructors. They have a wealth of expertise and insights on not just proper form and ways to train, but how to stay motivated, ideas for strength training and what to eat to stay fit and focused. Take what you learn in class and repeat at home: focus on perfecting technique, mirror box so you can see every minor deviation from the best form and use online resources to augment your in-club sessions. Access free YouTube, Facebook and Instagram live classes and on-demand form workouts from the industry’s best.


Start Early. Stay Late.

In the words of soccer legend Lionel Messi “I start early and I stay late.” Many athletes, not just on their way up, but at the peaks of their careers, go the extra mile every day of every week. That can mean additional training time before their real training day starts. For many of us, work gets in the way of our real interests, so if you want to train better, be fitter and achieve your goals, you need to change your schedule and behavior. Staying up late watching TV or gaming means sleeping in late and missing a precious opportunity to hit the gym, squeeze in a run or get to the weight room. You don’t need to create new rules and discipline for every day and night of the week, but decide now. Devote three mornings a week to extra workout time and prepare well the evening before. Organize any gear or equipment you need. Get plenty of sleep, hydrate well and hit the road as soon as the buzzer sounds.


Sideline Setbacks

We all get aches and pains, strain a tendon or hyper extend a joint from time to time. It often comes with pushing yourself in your workouts. But athletes treat these setbacks as reasons to learn and change their approach. If you get injured performing a move, a technique or exercise, something went wrong. Study your form and talk to an instructor. Think about what could be changed and move on. And don’t rush recovery too. Champions know that rest, recovery and recuperation are as important as the daily workout. It’s about repairing the damage with not just physical treatment, but adopting a positive, informed mindset going forward for the next time you walk through the club doors.

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